Hive War and

I know I haven’t posted here in a long time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I have a new book out called Hive War.   The Hive has created a society in which each individual has been genetically programmed to fit into their specific role. There is no dissent; there can be […]

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El Nino to La Nina transition has begun

  The deep water upwelling that has been held at bay for the past year by El Nino, is starting to break through in the equatorial waters of the Pacific.  The El Nino that has been underway for the past year has been monstrous, but in most ways it hasn’t matched the granddaddy of them […]


2015 Was Not the Hottest Year

Every year lately is being called the warmest year ever.  Each time such declarations are made, hand wringing and demands for action are made, and just like years past, such declarations are completely wrong.  To say that objective science has taken a back seat to politics on the topic of climate, doesn’t even begin to […]


Hottest Lie of the Century

  The news has been everywhere, that July of 2015 was the hottest month in recorded history.  I could link dozens of news articles about it, but instead I will simply link the source page.  Here is the quote from the NOAA on the new all-time record high temperature for the planet Earth.   “The […]

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Coldest Year in a Century, Nothing to See Here

I saw this headline and it made me cringe. Local 2014 Chicago Has Been Coldest In 110 Years December 3, 2014 10:41 AM   . . This truly highlights the difference between the nearly meaningless GHCN dataset, and what has been measured over the past 35 years using satellites.  Meanwhile, the NCEP data that has high […]


Unusual Sea Surface Temperature is Developing

Here are the SSTs for October since 1998.  Usually at this time of year, the northern Pacific and Atlantic have had a positive temperature anomaly.  The opposite is true this year.  Here are the anomaly maps since 1998.   Large scale ocean events like this need to persist for months to have a major impact, […]


Africa, Drought and Global Temperature

I have seen a large number of discussions recently about droughts and how they will be getting worse with a warmer Earth.  This of course is based on the Global Climate Models (GCMs), that were created for the purpose of showing that CO2 emissions, will cause the Earth to become nearly uninhabitable, if we don’t […]

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Status Update

There have been many stories I have wanted to cover, but I have been working on a project for a while that has been taking up most of my available time.  Since I have now completed the first part of the new project I have decided to make a small announcement about the project. It […]


The Problem with Short-Term Analysis

  I am a fan of the webcomic XKCD and tend to read it at least weekly.  The writer is a very clever and well versed in science and his degree is in physics.  Some of the most amusing scientific oddities are discussed in his What-If column. So why am I disappointed?  He recently wrote […]


Color pics from the Book currently down

Due to prodigious quantities of spam I have been getting on the pages for that I have had to take them down until I can figure to secure those pages.   Thanks for all the review on Amazon.  I have been busy, but have not forgotten this project.  🙂

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