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The Extremely Flawed Foundation of Global Warming

What is the basis of global warming?

Global warming has a basis, but unlike the discovery of DNA it was a flawed theoretical idea, even from the beginning. Unfortunately it 80 years before it could fully be proven as incorrect and as a result the flawed idea had plenty of time to become well entrenched in the scientific community. There are few places harder to dislodge old, popular ideas than the scientific community.


US Anomaly: Sep 25th, 2010

The cooler than average temperatures in the western part of the country that have been yearly trend are in for a huge reversal next week though as news of record breaking temperatures has been making the rounds. This is going to get worse as a very strong La Nina is cooling the ocean off the coast of California down. This causes warmer and drier weather from California and the regions east of it.


Coral Bleaching: What about the Coral Reefs? Part 1 of 3

The very first thing to know is that coral can live in a huge variety of circumstances, coral as a species is under no risk at all. The best comparison to coral as a species is to that of mold. There are mold spores in almost all places on the Earth. Bread gets moldy because […]

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The Integrity of Science

Most of the research about the climate is funded by the various governments around the world. When a group goes to Antarctica for the purpose of reconstructing the Earth’s temperature history by drilling ice cores, the money comes from various governments. This is generally why the data and information is generally freely available for anyone […]

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Review for the book “The Inconvenient Skeptic”

The book titled The Inconvenient Skeptic is done. The first beta reviewer has finished it up and posted the following review on the website. “I have done some basic reading on global warming prior to reading your book. In that study, both sides of the argument made sense (Greenhouse cases can increase temperature; Earth does […]


US Anomaly: Sep 18th, 2010

Last week showed that most of the country was cooler than average and this week the reverse is true.  The northern part of the country had the cooler weather while a lot of the southern (especially central) portions were warmer than average.  Overall this is a week that would contribute to an above average temperature […]

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Arctic Sea Ice and the Atlantic Oscillation

In an earlier article I pointed out that a warming in the Northern Atlantic Ocean would certainly have an impact on the Arctic sea ice. Today I am going to show that by going into the comparison of the AMO temperatures and the Arctic sea ice.


Science at its worst!

The big changes that take place on the 10,000 year scale are very significant to the Earth’s climate. It is these big changes that cause CO2 levels to change. When a glacial (commonly called an ice age) ends the temperature of the Earth rapidly increases for thousands of years. Well after the Earth starts warming the CO2 level starts to increase.


2010: Could be the Warmest Year Ever!!!!

This is something that will be in the news a lot over the next few months. It is not certain to be the warmest year of the modern era, but it will be close. My official comment on this is….. Perfectly Normal.


AGW: More Fear and Misinformation

Over on Discovery there are numerous articles about Global Warming (AGW stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming, it means human caused Global Warming).  They have a certain tone of panic about the state of the climate.  Two articles that caught my attention are one about Geoengineering to save the planet and a linked one about the […]

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