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Support Global Warming Skepticism: New Cause on Facebook

I have started a cause on Facebook for people to be more skeptical of Global Warming.  My goal is to get people to look at the science and not the propaganda. Regardless of ones views on this topic, being skeptical of claims (my own included) is always a good thing. Sign up here!!!

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US Anomaly: Sep 11th, 2010

This week would be a good time to show the difference between the anomaly map and the actual temperature map. I like this week for that because the anomaly was cool across most of the country while the actual temperature still fairly warm. That makes a good contrast between the cooler than average temperatures that are still warm overall.

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What articles would you like to see?

As someone who has spent a lot of time researching the science side of Global Warming I have a skewed perspective on what is interesting. So I want to know what you find interesting. Leave a comment or contact me with a topic that you want to know more about. I have vast quantities of data on almost all aspects of global warming.

Let me know what articles you would like to see. 🙂

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The Polar Bear and Global Warming

While normally I do not watch a lot of television, I do make an exception during the football season.  While watching the Cowboys/Redskins game last night I saw the new ad for the Nissan Leaf.   It is a clever ad, but like most advertising it has little basis in fact. Despite intense lobbying from environmental […]


The All Natural Cause of Global Warming

One of the strongest arguments for Global Warming is the warming trend that started in the 1970’s. Since then the average temperature of the Earth has increased by about 0.5°C. When the numerous graphs showing CO2 levels increasing are displayed along with the temperature rise, people make the easy comparison that one causes the other.

Anyone who studies the Earth’s climate would not be convinced by such a shallow argument because it is very clear from even the most basic study that the Earth’s climate is constantly undergoing change. It has been difficult to explain why the Earth started warming in the 1970’s and that lack of explanation has allowed the warmist crowd to convince many people that the CO2 emissions of mankind are the cause.

The challenge for science has been to find the natural cycle of the Earth that is the cause of the warming trend for the past 40 year. It took a while, but science has been up to the task.


Ocean Oscillations: El Nino, PDO, AMO

Most people have heard about El Nino. It is an event that periodically happens in the Pacific Ocean where the temperature of the water warms up by a significant amount. There has been awareness of it’s existence for at least 100 years. The reverse situation of La Nina (cooler water instead of warm water) is […]


US Anomaly: Sep 4th, 2010

As the US heads towards fall the normal behavior is increased temperature anomaly across the country.  One thing I hope these weekly updates will show is just how normal temperature anomalies are in the world.  As the fall progresses into winter it will be clear that a single warm week in the autumn can contribute […]


Estimates and Measurements – Glaciers Melting

A recent article about the rate of ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica highlights one of the fundamental problems that science faces in studying the climate.  That is the difference in measured data and estimating what is going on.  This topic is far more important than most people realize.  It impacts everything in the science […]


US Anomaly: Aug 28th, 2010

The weekly anomaly map for the US was minimal.  The northwest continues the general behavior of cooler than normal temperature.  The southeast which has had a warmer than normal year is much closer to the normal for this time of year now.  The rest of the country is mostly near average with a scattering of […]

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