Review for the book “The Inconvenient Skeptic”

The book titled The Inconvenient Skeptic is done. The first beta reviewer has finished it up and posted the following review on the website.

I have done some basic reading on global warming prior to reading your book. In that study, both sides of the argument made sense (Greenhouse cases can increase temperature; Earth does have a history of warming and cooling, etc.). Because of my lack of understanding of the entire system coming to any concrete conclusion was quite difficult. As a result of my “surface layer” study, I came to the conclusion that CO2 will effect the climate some, but not in a catastrophic way as described by AGW (I like the term “Al Gore Warming” that the book used a couple of times because I always forget the acronym). Your book is really a good source for understanding the ENTIRE picture; something that before was before unachievable without doing more research than I had the motivation to do (but something that is very interesting to me because of it’s political and environmental consequences). All-in-all a very informative book that I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody remotely curious about the subject and I believe it should be a prerequisite for any policy makers who are making CO2 “toxic” to our future.

William is an engineer much like myself. What I found so intriguing about his review was that he also considered the concept of global warming viable, but only from a “surface layer” study. Once everything had been properly analyzed and the entire picture is taken into account, the whole thing collapses.

The book is very different from this website. The website only focuses on the short term behavior of what is going on with the Earth. The book, well it explains why the Earth’s climate behaves the way it does. It cannot be done in an article or two.

The book explains it all, but it is also my story. It is the story of how I reached the point to study it for myself and what I found as I studied it. So it is a very personal story, even while it tells the story of the Earth’s climate.

I am working towards getting the book published. You can help by reading the articles on this site. In today’s world having a readership is a big step towards getting a book published. Let others know as well. If you can help get the book published feel free to contact me.



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  1. Pokerspiel Sep 30th 2010

    ha, I will experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it’s truly awesome, thanks.

    – Murk

  2. Welcome to real sceptical science. Your story reminds me of mine, only I saw Al Gore first, believed it, why it looked like real science, and felt I needed to step up action. But I never lost my habit of checking… bit by bit… and suddenly the whole can of worms burst open as I discovered WUWT and other websites that Wikipedia, BBC, Gore, Royal Society, RealClimate, etc, had deafeningly failed to mention. But as I’d also checked out all the regular arguments “demolishing” skeptics it took me a while to refute each and every one of these (eg John Cook’s 119) and often arguments would arise to tempt me to return to the fold. So eventually I knew all the devil’s devices, and decided to write up my story with the science, as at that time there was really very little available, nothing at the level of what I’d found. Click my name. It may be too late for your book but if there’s anything of use to you there, you are welcome to use it. I’d write the book myself but I’ve not been given the inner prompt that that’s what I’ve got to do.

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