US Anomaly: Aug 28th, 2010

The weekly anomaly map for the US was minimal.  The northwest continues the general behavior of cooler than normal temperature.  The southeast which has had a warmer than normal year is much closer to the normal for this time of year now.  The rest of the country is mostly near average with a scattering of slightly warmer or cooler areas.

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 28, 2010 US Temperature Anomaly

This past week was closer to normal than the past few weeks have been as shown below.

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 21, 2010 US Temperature Anomaly

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 14, 2010 US Temperature Anomaly

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 7, 2010 US Temperature Anomaly

All of this is fairly typical behavior for summer in the northern hemisphere as shown by the last several years at the end of August.

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 29, 2009 US Temperature Anomaly

Inconvenient Skeptic

Aug 25, 2007 US Temperature Anomaly

2008 was excluded because of some abnormalities that make me not trust the chart.

As always I am not trying to prove anything with these maps of the US anomaly.  I use them simply so people will help understand the how climate behaves.

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