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The New Chart at the Top of the Page

The new chart is from the Penny Glacier on Baffin Island in northern Canada. The last data point from this core is a 25 year average from 1967-1992. One interesting fact about Baffin Island is that it contains the last remnants of the Laurentide Ice Sheet that once covered large parts of North America.


Claim: The Warmest period in 600,000 years?

I found an article that leads the reader to believe that the Earth is currently warmer than it has been at any time in past 600,000 years.  The basis for that is a link to the Vostok ice core and a link to some general data sets.  The data they are referencing certainly doesn’t support […]


Climate Sensitivity of the Northern Hemisphere

Over the past 450,000 years there have been several major glacial/interglacial (ice age/current climate) cycles. The current interglacial has been “warm” for about 11,000 years now. This period is very commonly referred to as the Holocene interglacial. The current interglacial was “triggered” by a change in the orbital parameters of the Earth’s orbit. Climate sensitivity can be determined from this change.


Next Glacial OFFICIALLY canceled!!

I think this counts as an attempt at Fear, but mostly it is just Misinformation. has this article (shown below) that declares the next glacial (ice age, but those pesky terms) has been canceled.  It is an attempt at fear, but really it is a glacial that should be terrifying for humanity.  So stopping […]

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How the Northern Hemisphere Drives the Modern Climate

Understanding local changes in temperature and energy is often critical to understanding the Earth’s climate. Such analysis is usually ignored. That is one important reason that the climate sensitivity is routinely overstated. The current geography of the Earth is such that the changes in energy to the Northern Hemisphere are the most significant aspect to understanding the Earth’s climate.


Determining the Correct Climate Sensitivity

While researching the AGW models of CO2 forcing I found a significant overstatement that severely weakens the stated impact of increasing CO2 levels.


Almost Ready…

The most basic concept behind the theory of global warming is that increasing the CO2 in the atmosphere will change the Earth’s climate by making it warmer. So far I have not really detailed the reasons why I am a skeptic. I have pointed out flaws that I see in certain aspects of the debate, […]


Ice Core Data: Truths and Misconceptions

Overview (Scientific Content below) There have been a variety of discussions in the past week about what ice core data tells us. There are several misconceptions about what information the ice core data contains. Some people believe that it is the air bubbles trapped in the ice that tell the temperature history of the Earth […]


US Anomaly: Oct 16th, 2010

The US autumn is off to a warm start.  The past several weeks have had an unusual amount of above average temperatures.  Most of the country was slightly above average last week.  The actual temperatures show nothing is hot, just above average for this time of year. The actual temperatures show that the temperatures are […]

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Geo-Engineering: More about bad ideas to “save” the Earth

There has been a recent increase in articles about using massive scale engineering projects to stop the threat of global warming.  The linked article there talks about how it is time to get serious and start pushing these ideas through.  Of course we still have to stop CO2 emissions, all while not using nuclear power.  […]


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