Next Glacial OFFICIALLY canceled!!

I think this counts as an attempt at Fear, but mostly it is just Misinformation. has this article (shown below) that declares the next glacial (ice age, but those pesky terms) has been canceled.  It is an attempt at fear, but really it is a glacial that should be terrifying for humanity.  So stopping the next glacial period would actually be good news.

Sadly this does count as misinformation.  As my analysis of CO2 and ice cores have shown, CO2 has never before had the ability to prevent global cooling.  In every interglacial period that we have CO2 and temperature records for, CO2 levels have been high when the glacial period started.  All of them.

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CO2 Lags Temperature during warming and COOLING periods.

It isn’t just me that has noticed this either.  A published article by Hubertus Fischer, Martin Wahlen, Jesse Smith, Derek Mastroianni, Bruce Deck also states the following:

During further glaciation in MIS 5.4, CO2
concentrations remain constant, although
temperatures strongly decline.

Since CO2 has never shown the ability to prevent a glacial from developing in as far back as can be determined, perhaps just maybe, it can’t.





The global warming trend has accelerated melting of the Greenland ice sheet and Arctic permafrost, triggering a positive feedback loop which is warming the oceans; which, in turn, will melt more of the Earth’s remaining freshwater ice sheets. The resultant warming trend will affect climates in northern mid-latitudes, including North America, as part of a cycle which is unlikely to reverse direction.

These are the main findings of an international team of scientists monitoring several data points for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Arctic Report Card. The report card’s 2010 update observes “many indications of warming” impacting biology, ocean, and land, and “consistent evidence of warming” in Greenland, summer sea ice, and the Arctic climate. The conclusion of these findings is that a “Return to previous Arctic conditions is unlikely.”

KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: (ISRAEL OUT) Ice boulders left behind after a flood caused by the overflowing of a lake, east to the town of Kangerlussuaq on September 01, 2007 Greenland. Scientists believe that Greenland, with its melting ice caps and disappearing glaciers, is an accurate thermometer of global warming. (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

While it’s true that the earth’s concurrent orbital eccentricity and obliquity cycles affect the Arctic’s winter temperature, allowing the formation of ice sheets, it is the Arctic’s summer temperature that determines the seasonal longevity of the ice sheet. As geophysical sciences professor Dr. David Archer explained in a public lecture Friday night, the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is staving off the possibility of a trigger event, historically a cold summer precipitated by a drop in CO2, for a next ice age to be realized.

Any attempt to summarize the full canon of climate study would be a disservice both to readers and to the data itself. Readers interested in such a summary would be well informed by reading Dr. Archer’s book, The Long Thaw, as a primer for understanding the full import of the NOAA report card update.

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