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The Chart at the top of the page…

I have received a few comments that the graphic on this website are misleading. From the first day I have had a direct link to the source data on the Data page of this website. However, to show how I put it together I have put this article together. The data is a smoothed set […]


Unintended Consequences! (funny, but true)

Sometimes the most bizarre things happen as a result of good intentions. Starting in 2002 many cars switched over to a soy based wire coating. This was intended as a green approach for the future. Turns out that while it worked as expected. Animals are starting to find that the new plastic is also tasty […]


Polar Opposites: The Different Stories of the Two Polar Regions.

People on both sides of the AGW debate often deride the other side for not accepting all the facts and data. The simple fact is that both sides are guilty of this. I will use the different trends at the two poles to illustrate this while also pointing out why the different tales are so […]


6 Months to fix Wikipedia

Watts Up has announced some great news.  Mr. Connolley has waged a one man crusade for years to make every article on Wikipedia support his views on Global Warming.  His exploits are legendary, but his blatant removal of the resignation letter of Hal Lewis seems to have ended this for six months.  Perhaps Wikipedia can […]

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How to Destroy an economy by going Green!

Going green is all the rage these days.  The politicians always point to the “Green” jobs that will be produced as the economy changes from the evil “big oil” to the harmonious green energy.  Since we keep hearing it, lets take a look at how places that have gone green have fared economically. Spain: Spain […]

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US Anomaly: Oct 9th, 2010

Going to show the maps for the Oct 2nd and Oct 9th this week as the NCDC was kinda slow in releasing the information. As I have mentioned before, summertime is not a period for large temperature anomaly and that the other times of year had much stronger signals.  Sep 25th showed some of that, […]

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Why Satellite Temperature Data is more Accurate.

Over the last day I have received some questions about the satellite data and why I consider it more accurate. First I should define what station data is.  Station data is temperature records that are made at any approved location that reports temperatures.  The local news temperatures are likely sources that go into the station […]


Emeritus Professor resigns from The American Physical Society!!

When a Professor resigns from his professional society in protest, it is worth reading more.


What Global Temperature Measurement is Best?

Many that pay close attention to the climate debate are aware that there are different choices of instrumental data to choose from. The ones that show lower temperatures get used by skeptics and the ones that show higher temperatures get used by warmists. This is a form of cherry picking. The person choosing the data […]


Ethanol: I like it in my glass,

Ethanol: I like it in my glass, but not in my gas tank. If you think ethanol is good for energy independence, the environment or even your gas tank. You are in for a surprise.


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