Unintended Consequences! (funny, but true)

Sometimes the most bizarre things happen as a result of good intentions. Starting in 2002 many cars switched over to a soy based wire coating. This was intended as a green approach for the future. Turns out that while it worked as expected. Animals are starting to find that the new plastic is also tasty and have been eating the coating which causes the cars to no longer function.

So far the problem seems confined to the Denver, Colorado area where cars left at the airport are getting chewed up by these car eating rabbits. I will predict that it will start to happen other places in the years to come.

There is the persistent myth that adding cayenne pepper to paint on the bottom of boats helps prevent barnacles. Perhaps something like this will be needed for the wiring. Either that or make it more tasty. 😀

Bunny will eat your car too!

bunny from here.

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Posted in Unintended Consequences by inconvenientskeptic on October 17th, 2010 at 11:38 am.


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  1. Great work keep it coming

  2. I experienced this just this year. I have a new Hyundai and had to have the engine harness replaced due to rodent. This was in new jersey. Expensive job to replace. :0)

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