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Unusual Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Something different is happening in the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere.  The La Nina that is active seems fairly normal, but what is happening around the entire NH is rather odd.  Here is the current SST for the world’s oceans. What is unusual is the cooler than average water developing in the Atlantic ocean up […]


Snow Coverage: Normal or Not?

While I have been off there has been lots of news about snowy weather around the world.  From snow in Australia during the summer to the major blizzards that have been hitting Europe and Eastern North America.  This news is being used to support the newly christened “climate disruption” and also used by many to […]


Merry Christmas

Hi everyone.  I am going to be focusing on family this next week and won’t have any new posts for a while.  Enjoy the solstice and the lunar eclipse and…. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Ethanol, Ozone and the EPA

The EPA is ignoring the growing evidence that ethanol increases ozone pollution. Every increase in ethanol use as fuel will increases the amount of ozone pollution in the United States. This is one of the times where regardless of a persons views on global warming, the pollution effects of ethanol are real and need to be taken into account.


Voyager 1 – Almost out of the solar system

This article has nothing to do with global warming, but it is about a truly great achievement.  Mankind is on the verge of sending the very first object out of the solar system.  At 17.4 billion km (10.8 billion miles) it is almost 114 times farther from the sun than the Earth now.  Light takes […]


Global Temperatures: Month of December

I have discussed the difference in the global temperature and the global anomaly before.  The most interesting part of that discussion is the observation that different months of the year have different behavior.  The Northern Hemisphere (NH) winter months have more variation year to year than the summer months do.  That means during the winter […]


Heat Transfer and the Earth’s Surface

Previously I showed an equation that showed the ratio of convective and radiative heat transfer.  That equation is derived from the ratio of the Nusselt and the radiative heat transfer (RHT) rates.  From a practical standpoint the amount of energy transferred from the surface to the atmosphere by each method should be comparable for the […]


December 2010: Global Temperature update

Global Temperature Update: December 2010 November’s temperatures were a little higher than expected with the strong La Nina in the Pacific, but the anomaly was very similar to October’s values. Since much of the Northern Hemisphere is now experiencing dramatic below average temperatures it would appear that the delay in temperature drop from the La […]


1149 Miles of Snow

I have been on the road this past week in the western United States.  It has been abnormally cold and snowy for this time of year.  This year will also go down as one of the warmest in recent years, but that didn’t prevent it from being brutally cold early in the year.  Nor did […]


Mass Accumulation of Greenland’s Ice Sheets

Greenland is one of the “hot” button topics in the AGW debate. When the Arctic Report Card (ARC) was released in September, many of the AGW sites were quick to jump on it saying that the current behavior was so far beyond the normal behavior that it was absolute proof that global warming was real. […]

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