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The Energy Balance and the Greenhouse Effect: 3 of 3

This article wasn’t supposed to be so long, but it is important to understand the science behind the Greenhouse Effect (GHE).  My view is that net energy transfer to the atmosphere is the primary driver of the warmer atmosphere and the GHE.  While that isn’t currently the conventional approach, there is nothing that precludes it […]


The Energy Balance and the Greenhouse Effect: 2 of 3

As I discussed in Part 1, the Earth’s surface warms the atmosphere. Without that heat transfer, the Earth would be a much colder place. The normally accepted value (that I agree with) is 33 °C. There are differing ideas as to the precise contributions that result in the Earth being warmer than it would be otherwise. I will discuss the common one and then present my own ideas about it that are based on the Energy Balance I recently presented.


Ethanol: Why Al Gore is STILL wrong!

The recent news that Al Gore has recently admitted that supporting first generation ethanol technology was a mistake. The key term is first generation. He has finally agreed that turning food into fuel is a mistake. The obvious reason is that doing this increases food costs without any benefit to energy. I have mocked the efficiency of ethanol before. I have also pointed out that it causes more actual pollution than gasoline. Clearly, everyone is still missing the point, besides Al Gore I mean.


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