Voyager 1 – Almost out of the solar system

This article has nothing to do with global warming, but it is about a truly great achievement.  Mankind is on the verge of sending the very first object out of the solar system.  At 17.4 billion km (10.8 billion miles) it is almost 114 times farther from the sun than the Earth now.  Light takes more than 16 hours to travel the distance it is now.  It has taken 33 years for Voyager 1 to reach that distance, but it is still functioning, taking measurements and still communicating with NASA.

It has reached the point where it no longer is detecting the solar wind from the sun.  It will soon pass into the region where interstellar space dominates instead of the sun.  This achievement is one truly noteworthy.  Mankind will have accomplished something spectacular.  Building any machine and getting it out of the solar system is a tremendous achievement.

The Voyager Missions

As a science fiction nut I very impressed by this event.  In a way this is a more important achievement than putting someone on the Moon.  It took ten years to do that, it has truly taken an alignment of the planets and 33 years to make this one happen.  Please leave a comment thanking NASA and I will collect them up and send them to NASA.

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  1. Richard111 Dec 16th 2010

    Yes indeed. Very well done to NASA. Is this the craft carrying that disk designed by Carl Sagan? Either way, an incredible piece of geology for the far future. It probably has more chance of survival into the distant future than humanity itself.

  2. everytime i visit your blog i find atleast one post that interests me.your content never ceases to engage me.

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