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A milestone has been reached for this website that I would like to share with everyone.  The 100th post went up on January 31st, 2011.  It is a proud moment for me and while I feel I got off to a rough start, I have certainly learned a lot in the past few months.  I am also doing a final edit on the book and will be going the ebook publishing route.  I hope to have it out sometime in March.  The book is a much more linear discussion about the Earth’s climate than I have found on any website.

While the website started out as a way to get information out about the book, it has truly taken on a life of it’s own.  I enjoy covering the news of the day and since I am always crunching numbers and charts, it is an easy way to quickly share the information that I am constantly putting together.  It is also helpful to see that so many people read the articles I put together and mostly enjoy them.  Here is some of the statistics on the first 4 months of The Inconvenient Skeptic.



19,183 visitors have viewed the site in the past 4 months.  During those visits there have been 585 comments.  I have had many interesting discussions with some well informed people.  That has been enjoyable even though I find I have less and less time to get deeply involved in some of the discussions.  I am very grateful for those that take the time to engage in the discussions.


From Around the World

People have visited from 123 countries during the past 4 months.    The top 5 countries are not a surprise, but I would like to show them as well.

1.  United States

2.  United Kingdom

3.  Canada

4.  Australia

5.  Germany

3,389 of you have visited more than 5 times and some of you spend a lot of time here.  For that I am thankful.  🙂


By Operating System:

I have long been a strong supporter of open source software.  I have used various distributions of Linux over the past decade, but am currently happy with my Ubuntu.  My current computer has had no other OS installed.  That by itself is a miracle.  I am proud to see that almost 5% of visitors are using some type of Linux.  I expect that this will grow tremendously in the future as the Android OS slowly takes over as the default mobile computing platform.

The Inconvenient Skeptic

Visits to The Inconvenient Skeptic by operating system

I am curious if there is a correlation of warmist and skeptic by OS and I suspect that there is one, but I don’t have enough data to prove that.  Call it a hunch though.  😀

I would like to thank everyone that has visited and I hope that I can keep it fun for everyone.  When I started this I wasn’t sure how well it would work out, but I have to say that I am enjoying myself.  That makes it easier to commit the time and resources that it takes.  Thanks for all of your support, even from those that disagree.

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  1. Falcon Feb 1st 2011

    As the proud owner of a new Kindle, I sincerely hope to be able to use it to read your book, John. And thanks for the effort you put in, especially on the CRU temperature record. You’d be surprised how much GISTemp changes the distant past on a monthly basis too.

  2. GregO Feb 1st 2011


    Congratulations on your site stats! Keep up the good work – I enjoy your site.

  3. Congratulations; keep up the great work and good fight. For the record, I’m involved in IT; my OS at work in Win7, at home it’s XPP. That said, I’m non-denominational about computers and OS’s. Windows works for me, my wife is a teacher who uses it at work so we use it at home, for as often as my home computer actually gets used.

    Whatever machine I am using I will continue to visit your site. The data you dispense and the logic you apply to the numbers is outstanding.


    Rick, in Canada…-26C here right now…brrrr!

  4. Richard111 Feb 1st 2011

    Way to go John. Looking forward to your ebook.
    Hopefully it goes deeper into the wonders of “backradiation”, 🙂

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