50 People to Stop the Nuclear Disaster in Japan

I have avidly been paying attention to the news out of Japan about the earthquake and tsunami that are likely to have killed more than 10,000 people.  This is a sad and devastating disaster to the people of Japan.  It is made worse by the fear that is spreading as a result of the problems at the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima facility.

There is clearly danger from this situation.  The latest news I have found is that the radiation levels are now high enough to cause substantial risk to human life.  Engineers and technicians are often called upon in these types of situations to risk their lives to save others.  It would seem that there are 50 such people now working in a radioactive and explosive environment to prevent an even worse catastrophe.  I have no doubt that these people volunteered for this duty.

The safety of nuclear power can be debated afterwards, but for now I hope that all of us will send our thoughts to these people that are risking everything to save others.  While many others were evacuated, the ones that are staying now are true hero’s and I wish them the best of luck in this increasingly dire situation.

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  1. intrepid_wanders Mar 15th 2011

    Indeed. I believe this to be the power plant operator’s (and engineers) Apollo 13. Truly heroic.

    For serious reactor status, without the hype, try the Japanese Atomic Industry Forum:

    Everything should cool off by Friday, and hopefully the isotopes that are registering are just nitrogen and xenon. I think with only one peak 6-7sv yesterday, it is not core material (ie cesium or iodine isotopes).

    Good Luck TEPCO!

  2. inconvenientskeptic Mar 16th 2011

    That is a nice link. Thanks.

  3. God bless Japan,

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