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Major Blow to the Idea that CO2 played a role in Global Cooling

One of the most persistent and unscientific ideas out there is the one that all past climate change was caused by the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. The greatest example of this is the ongoing attempt to show that Antarctica today is covered in ice because 40 million years ago the level of CO2 in the atmosphere started to drop. There are many examples of this (DeConto, 2003, related search), but they are plentiful and they are all wrong.

I have previously written about the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and the role that it played in changing Antarctica from a temperate climate (comparable to modern day Europe) to the ice locked landmass that it is today. The temperature difference between the equator and Antarctica is today twice what it was 40 million years ago.


Ski Resorts Extending Ski Season

The snow is melting so slowly this year that skiing has been extended all over the Western United States. Such events do happen, but not very often. Of course the predictions over the past 10 years make it seem that such late skiing would never happen again, but of course those predictions are being proven wrong again.

Here is a list of ski locations that are open and some history of such events that I have been able to find.


Real World Impact of Japanese Earthquake

This is very interesting stuff.  This is what science is supposed to be doing. ——————————————————– Japan Earthquake Shifted Seafloor by 79 Feet Earthquake slip is the largest ever recorded. Main Content An acoustic transponder that tracks earthquake movements is installed off Japan in an undated picture. Photograph courtesy Japan Coast Guard via Science/AAAS Richard A. […]

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2011: Where’s the Warming?

2011 is not off to a very global warming year.  For starters the average temperature of the Earth so far this year is right at the average for the past 30 years.  There is no really warm spot on the Earth either.  The Arctic is the only region that is running at +0.82 °C for […]


Google and Global Warming

I have had numerous people send me articles about Google and their search results about Global Warming. Other blogs have picked up on this and the overall discussion from the skeptic side is that Google has failed in their maxim of “Do No Evil.” I happen to disagree with this.

First off Google is public business and as such is almost required to stick to the idea that global warming is real. Find me a public company that takes the official stance that global warming isn’t real. I have not been able to find one. So I don’t really care that Google takes the stance about global warming that it does. Public companies must show environmental responsibility these days. As an engineer I fully understand the legal and public relations responsibility in that regard.


Global Temperature Update: April 2011

So far this year the satellite temperature data have measured temperature anomalies of less than 0.1 °C. April is the first month to show an anomaly of > 0.1 °C. The actual number came in at 0.12 °C. That is the anomaly temperature though. April is much more interesting for other reasons. It is one of the two months per year when the average actual temperature increases by 1 °C. That is because the NH is warming up from the winter and the NH drives the yearly variation in the Earth’s temperature.

As can be easily seen in this chart, the Earth is rapidly warming up from the NH winter, but the difference from the average temperature is very small. 2011 is looking very much like 1980 for the satellite temperature anomaly. That is the last time the actual temperature was so close to the average this far into the year.

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Snow Extent Update: April 2011

April is a bad month if your name is Frosty the Snowman. The month of April has on average 10 million km2 less snow coverage than March does. That means there are vast quantities of snow melting around the entire Northern Hemisphere. March of 2011 had the highest snow extent since 1985, but April decided to take a different approach. April was the first month of 2011 to have a negative snow anomaly. As a result there was a very large drop in snow coverage from March to April.

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Milky Way Galaxy: Time to update your picture.

Growing up as an avid space buff I have enjoyed the ever changing understanding of the Milky Way Galaxy. Oddly enough science has had a much easier time understanding other galaxies because they are easier to see. It is much like determining the size of a forest while standing in the middle of one. There is a lot of trees and hills in the way.

For the past ~150 years the idea has been around that the Milky Way was a spiral galaxy much like the nearby Andromeda Galaxy.


MIT finds more problems with biofuel.

Biomass used to make biofuels must be carefully sourced, or the biofuels they produce may be no greener than conventional jet fuel.

That’s according to a study that was published this week in the online version of Environmental Science and Technology and was conducted by a group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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BROOD XIX Arrives: What Cicada say about Global Warming

Every once in a while an unexpected opportunity presents itself to show that the Earth is doing just fine. That despite the unrelenting news that global warming is going to forever alter every aspect of life on Earth, things really are not changing according to the theory of global warming. There is a current news blossom about The Great Southern Brood of cicadas. It is also known as Brood XIX.

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