If one bad idea doesn’t work, try them all at the same time.

Geo-Engineering seems to be experiencing a resurgence.  The IPCC once again seems to be behind the idea that intentionally interfering with the climate is the way to solve the theorized problem that increased CO2 levels cause.  Since all of the ideas will be very expensive and be paid for by tax-payer money and be run by the scientists that propose them, they might seem like good ideas to the scientists that are proposing the idea.

The key quote from the latest article about the IPCC push for Geo-engineering really explains the whole situation.

“In the papers, many of the scientists accept there are that major uncertainties around the technologies. However, the scientific steering group of the meeting, which will assess the technologies, includes many well-known geo-engineering advocates who have called for public funds to conduct large-scale experiments as well as scientists who have patents on geo-engineering technologies or financial interests in the technologies.”

So the IPCC has put a bunch of geo-engineering advocates in charge of making recommendations about the use of public funds for large scale experiments into the use of geo-engineering.  I am sure that nothing could go wrong with this process when the people who have a direct financial interest in the projects are making the decision for the governments.  Might as well put Boeing directly in charge of the Pentagon purchasing decisions for eternity.

This of course is right up the alley of what the IPCC recently pulled with their report about renewable energy.  In that case the author of the report was the renewable energy director for Greenpeace.  Not surprisingly the report concluded that all energy could be produced by renewable energy by 2050.  That little bit of news is now making the rounds as the insanity such a claim really is.

It fully appears that the IPCC has turned into a gravy train for people that are using the “global warming crisis” to get filthy rich in the process.  I guess they have all learned from Al Gore that using the crisis to get the government to pour money into your projects is the real way to wealth.

None of the idea’s in the latest IPCC report are new.  All of them are bad idea’s that would have to be done on an enormous scale to have any impact.  That of course means lots of money and lots of profits for the people that run them.

Posted in Bad Science and Cap & Trade and Fear and Misinformation and Unintended Consequences by inconvenientskeptic on June 16th, 2011 at 11:05 pm.


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  1. Brian H Jun 17th 2011

    I’ve got a little list, and geo-engineers figure prominently on it. They’ll none of them be missed. Honest!

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