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The Scientific American throws down the gauntlet!!!

I previously written (Fraud, Bias, Funding) about problems in the scientific research community. I have taken some criticism because I work in the “private” sector instead of the “public” sector. Anyone who really understands research would not make such a foolish critique. It is the private sector that has driven technology to where it is today. The idea of trying to falsify product that you sell to customers is laughable. The price is no repeat business and that is the end of the business, in most cases at least. Certainly one that is highly competitive.

Now the Scientific American has essentially come out and said the same thing as I have previously written. The Epidemic of False Claims is their new article on the topic. I will post the entire article below, but wanted to show some highlights and discuss.

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Regional Temperature Update: 2011

In the Northwestern US 2011 has not been a fun year. At least it hasn’t been if you want to be outside enjoying the weather. I have been tracking the temperature and the anomaly for two locations. One is the urban Boise, Idaho area and the other is a low impact, non urban area. This is a good way to show the Urban Heat Island effect and to also show how daily temperature data is converted into sterile anomaly data.

One reason people are unhappy around here with the weather is that it has not been warm. So far in 2011 there have been 2 days over 25 °C. As recently as a couple of days ago the high temperature was 11 °C. McCall has not even had it that nice as it has had only two days this year above 20 °C. Here are the daily temperatures as calculated in the same manner as used to determine the station data.

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