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Book Update

The book is being edited now.  That is very good progress.  I have the updated introduction on The Book page if you would like to read it.  I do wish I had time to post more right now, but between family, work and the book my time is a bit limited. Some of the big […]

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Glacier National Park: July 20th, 2011

Despite (or perhaps because of) my hectic schedule the family took a trip up to Glacier National Park in Montana. I have always wanted to see it, but have never made it up there before. I finally used the excuse to take pictures for the website and the book to finally make it there. It is a beautiful place and well worth the visit. I did take the time to take lots of pictures and now I am going to put them to good use.

One question I wanted to ask the rangers there was “How old are the glaciers there?” There is a very common misconception that the glaciers there exist from the last ice age. That of course is wrong, but I was curious what they would say. The answer I got from the ranger was 3,000 years old. That is a reasonable answer, but one I find unlikely. Glaciers farther north and higher than Glacier National Park are typically much younger than that. I have never been able to find an ice core from glacier national park that would answer this question. Certainly it is possible that some of the glaciers are 3,000 years old, but I suspect that 900-1,000 is more accurate. I have yet to find enough accurate information to answer this though.


Glacier National Park Trip

I am going to be traveling for a few days.  Fortunately my phone is very capable, but there will not be any new articles for a few days.  Expect that I will have lots of pictures from Glacier National Park when I get back and that many of those pictures will make it here on […]

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Nuclear Power for Warmists is a “necessity.”

Nuclear power is one of those solutions that I consider key for taking a warmist seriously. A warmist that says nuclear power is not required has already proven themselves incapable of honestly looking at a situation as simple as generating electricity. Nuclear power played an early role in turning me into a skeptic. I got into a discussion about “green” energy and the people were convinced of two things. The first being that CO2 was causing warming and the second that wind power and solar power could produce all the worlds electrical needs. I knew the 2nd idea was false and proving it took only a few moments. They were unswayed by the data and persisted because it was what they had read from a respected source on the issue of global warming. That set off all kinds of warming bells because anyone who thinks the world could produce the same amount of electricity without carbon AND nuclear power is living in a fantasy world.

However, when I do come across a warmist that says nuclear power is the only answer I tend to pay attention because they are really going out on a tree limb for what they recognize as the reality of the situation. That is something I can respect. So I pay attention.


Why I am still Skeptical about Sunspots and Temperature

The fact that the latest sunspot cycle is very weak has gotten lots of news lately. Many are claiming that a lack of sunspots will cause the Earth to cool in the near future. I am going to stand alone as a skeptic and say I am not convinced. The data simply does not support that conclusion. I am going to explain why I do not believe the prediction that low solar activity (as measured by low sunspot counts) will cause a reversal in the warming trend.


The re-write of The Inconvenient Skeptic is complete.

The beta version is out to the readers.  Things are on track to have the book available as an eBook in the next few weeks. One of the biggest reasons that scientists have not dropped the Theory of Global Warming is that there is no viable explanation for the warming that has taken place over […]


More Biomass Energy than Nuclear?

This morning I came across an article that set off all kinds of warning alarms over on Forbes. It makes the astounding claim that renewable energy has surpassed nuclear power in the United States. I knew right away that there was some funny going on because nuclear has been a solid 20% of electric energy generation for a long time and things like that don’t change quickly.

The first indicator of how that claim came about was when she provided the percentage of power generated by nuclear power.

In the first three months of 2011, renewable energy — hydroelectric, geothermal, solar/PV, wind, and biomass — made up 11.7 percent of the U.S. energy production mix, surpassing nuclear at 11.1 percent.

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Camel Insanity in Australia

There is a proposal by some nut-jobs to get in helicopters and fly around shooting camels in order to slow down global warming. Just think about that for a moment. The ‘thought’ behind that is it will reduce the methane emissions enough to… well who knows what they are thinking.

PARIS: The world’s association of camel scientists has fought back angrily over Australian plans to kill wild dromedaries on the grounds that their flatulence adds to global warming.

The idea is “false and stupid… a scientific aberration”, the International Society of Camelid Research and Development (ISOCARD) charged, saying camels were being made culprits for a man-made problem.


Independence Day Snow Update

I caught some news yesterday and today about the snow depths. One of the guests at last night’s festivities had just arrived from Montana and he informed me of the issues with snow removal that are ongoing around Glacier National Park. It only took me a few moments this morning to find this news article. The road in question opened in July of 1933 and that marks one of the 3 openings later than the 4th of July. The other took place in WWII because of reduced staffing. So 2011 goes down as the LATEST snow removal issue ever recorded. They have bee working on removing the snow since April 1st. That is 3 months of snow removal work that is not yet done. That has never happened in the past 78 years.


Independence Day 2011

May all the American readers have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July with friends and family.  That is certainly my plan.  That and lighting off a ridiculous amount of fireworks throughout the day. This is my favorite holiday and has been for a very long time.


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