The re-write of The Inconvenient Skeptic is complete.

The beta version is out to the readers.  Things are on track to have the book available as an eBook in the next few weeks.

One of the biggest reasons that scientists have not dropped the Theory of Global Warming is that there is no viable explanation for the warming that has taken place over the past 150 years.  Natural variability is not really a theory of WHY the Earth has variation.  The sunspot cycle is a theory, but it doesn’t fit the data properly.  I will put together a post on that in the next day day or two.  Theories have been proposed, but they are complex and none have found traction.  Even the natural ocean cycles do not sufficiently explain why the Earth was much colder 200 years ago than it is today.

That is about to change.  In the past year I have posted many articles at the periphery of what I have really discovered which is why the Earth does what it does.  I have found a scientific basis within the energy balance that explains why the Earth goes through periods of century long warming and cooling.  It also explains why there are times when the Milankovitch Cycles trigger an interglacial and others when it does not happen.

This book answers those questions and the theory is the same for both.  It also happens to tie together pretty much all of the climate events of the past 50 million years.  There are many references cited in the book to explain the Earth’s climate, the science and the cause of the variability of the Earth’s climate.  Hopefully it does so in a clear enough manner to be very convincing.

I am also looking to add a subtitle to the book and am open to ideas.  I am looking for something to show that the book is based on an engineering analysis of the Earth’s climate.  I am just not finding anything I like.   Examples of wording that I am playing with are:

The Inconvenient Skeptic:  An Engineering Perspective on Global Warming

The Inconvenient Skeptic:  An Engineering Guide to the Earth’s Climate

Send me ideas, post them on the website.  Either way if you have a good idea, please let me know.

One of the problems with a website is that it is not conducive to organizing large and complex sets of information.  That is where books are better.  All the readers of the book so far have believed in global warming when they started.  All of them were convinced otherwise when they were done.  I know that will not always be the case because it has become a religion to some people, but in the end their extremism does not help their cause.  Rational and scientific minds will be convinced by the book.  It is solid.

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy for me so I can’t promise very many posts here, but I will provide updates as I can.  Just don’t expect too many many articles.  I am excited because I know just how many people the science will be able to convince.  There is one advantage of an independent review and that is a new perspective emerges.  What has been posted on this site has not really been the best information of what I have discovered.  The book will lay everything out in a systematic manner.  Like I said, I am excited.

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  1. Congrats on completing the book.

    How about: “An Engineer’s Guide to Our Changing Climate”

  2. I am looking forward to your research.

  3. Richard111 Jul 14th 2011

    John, you state:
    “One of the problems with a website is that it is not conducive to organizing large and complex sets of information. That is where books are better.”
    Many years ago when I used to run a Novell Network (remember them? 🙂 ) I had a similar sort of problem. What I did was have a number of pages only I could edit. Advice (or not) was entered on a group page which was run rather like a bulletin board.

  4. intrepid_wanders Jul 14th 2011

    How about:

    “The Inconvenient Skeptic: Global Warming as a Reverse Engineering Nightmare”

  5. inconvenientskeptic Jul 14th 2011

    Still not what I am looking for.

    Books are great ways to organize information because it is easy to build upon information covered earlier. Reading for a long time at a computer is not the same.

  6. Richard111 Jul 15th 2011

    Reading for a long time at a computer is not the same.

    And you are producing an E-book? 🙂

  7. inconvenientskeptic Jul 15th 2011


    Point well taken.

  8. Richard111 Jul 16th 2011

    Looking forward to reading it on my laptop. 🙂

  9. John,

    I am excited about your new book. It sounds HOT! (Couldn’t resist!) I’ll try to think up some subtitles:

    “The Inconvenient Skeptic – A Counter Theory to Global Warming”

    Nah…I’ll keep trying!

  10. I don’t know what your plans are, but you might want to publish it as an iPhone/iPad app, to help it get a wide readership.

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