Aug 15th Book Update

The final editing is ~80% complete.  It is getting close.

The other good news is that there will be a hard copy version in full color.  I don’t have final pricing on that yet, but it will be reasonable.  Hard copy version will be available after the eBook version.  Hard version will be available on Amazon and places like that.

Back to work, but I wanted to get a little update out there.

B&W readers will not be optimal.  Just a word of warning.

Posted in The Book by inconvenientskeptic on August 15th, 2011 at 3:04 pm.


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  1. ARWallace Aug 22nd 2011


    You have a strict post about no ad hominem comments. Why then did you post this on another blog?


    You are of course precisely correct. One day someone will find a way to beat the facts of radiative heat transfer into the adiabatic skulls of the AGW crowd.

    The science they perform would get them failing grades in any junior level Chemical Engineering program. They are very good at presenting their information in such a way that untangling what they are saying takes some patience, but it is worth that effort to see the truth.

    John Kehr
    The Inconvenient Skeptic

  2. inconvenientskeptic Aug 22nd 2011

    That isn’t my website is the easy answer. 🙂

    I can get frustrated at times and have never claimed to be perfect. I have gotten a little too fired up here as well. Moderation in all things, even in moderation itself.

    Hopefully that answers whatever it was you were looking for.

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