The Editors are almost done.

As usual things do not go as planned.  The editors have been working on it, but instead of steady work it has been in bursts.  I have been keeping up with them and the number of edits needed is decreasing.  I am hopeful that the eBook will be available in the next couple of weeks.

There is one piece of bad news.  Trying to read this book on a black and white eReader will not be optimal.  There are too many graphs and pictures that just won’t translate well.  I know it is possible to make charts work in B&W, but I know how much I don’t like complex charts that are all some odd combination of dashes and thick lines.  Some of them will work, but some of them won’t.   I am also not sure how well it will work on a little screen without zoom.  I admit that I have become spoiled by technology.

There will be a real book version that will be available from Amazon.  I will have more details on that next week.  That one will not be ready as early as the eBook version.  If I can get the real book version to look the way I want it to I will be very happy.

What I need to know is how do you plan on reading the book?   I have gotten recommendations to make it available as an app for Android and iOS as well.  That surprised me a little, but it probably is a good idea.  Progress is being made even if it isn’t as quickly as I would like.

The best news is that I am happy with the quality of the book.

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  1. You should release it as an iPhone/iPad app to show the color. You can even buy source code for an iPhone ebook app at the link below. I have used it to release several apps, its very easy you just convert your chapters into HTML. The only tricky thing is if you have written your book in MS Word you’re going to have to edit the HTML to make sure it can find the images once inside the app (putting the images in folders won’t work).

    The app comes for iPhone but its easy to make it universal for the iPad.

    My experience has been you reach a lot more people on iPhone/iPad than Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Mac I could do this for you, you could email me privately to discuss details.

  2. Richard111 Aug 11th 2011

    As long as it is in Kindle format I will be able to handle it.
    Looking forward to downloading time.

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