End of September Update

The book is done, but I am still waiting for the cover artwork to be completed.  As soon as it is all put together, the book will be available in many different formats.  I assure you that I am even more impatient than all of you to have the book available.  Hopefully most people will agree that it was worth the wait.

There are so many topics that need to be covered, but I have simply not had the time.  Hopefully things will ease up in that department in the near future and I can start to cover some of the topics that I really find interesting.  There will be some interesting projects that will arise in the near future.  The book will open up many new avenues of collaborative research.

One of the reasons that the Theory of Global Warming has the traction it does today is because it is a theory that explains the short-term warming that has been taking place over the past 100 years.  No other theory has been able to explain why the warming has taken place.  Certainly there has not been a coherent and complete scientific idea that can explain why the Earth has been behaving the way that it has.

The proposed ideas of sunspots and cloud coverage are simply not complete enough to explain the behavior.  When I started my research, my goal was not to prove global warming wrong or right, but simply to understand the Earth’s climate well enough to make a good decision.  The book provides a comprehensive and coherent discussion about the driving forces of climate.  It is just happen-stance that it shows that anthropogenic global warming is incorrect.

The wait is almost over, the book will soon be available and then everyone can have fun trying to prove me wrong or right.  I greatly look forward to the debate that is about to ensue.  It will not be boring.

Final Title:

The Inconvenient Skeptic:  The Comprehensive Guide to the Earth’s Climate.

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