Seasonal Arctic Freeze has Begun.

One of the NOAA Arctic webcams has survived the summer months and is still providing pictures.  The camera is at an odd angle which is likely due to melting that took place on the ice.  It has been that way for at least a month and the picture shows more instruments at odd angles as well.  The NOAA placed two webcams in April and they also make videos that can be watched on YouTube. Back on August 21st the meltwater pools that are visible show no signs of freezing and had been that way since forming.  Here is the picture from that date.

NOAA Webcam #1, Aug 21st.

The next day on the 22nd the water surface was either frozen or it had snowed.  I suspect the later as the transition was so abrupt.

NOAA Webcam #1, Aug 22nd.

Over the past week the the freeze has taken on a more permanent appearance.  The latest picture from the 30th looks like a pond that is freezing over for the winter.  As the winter storms pick up the webcam will likely not survive for too much longer.

NOAA Webcam #1, Aug 30th.

The temperature that has been above 0 °C is now hovering around freezing with dips into freezing.  If I see anything interesting from these I will put them up, but I suspect that by the time the hard winter freeze begins that the webcam will be covered in ice and no longer be providing pictures.


The latest pictures show fresh snow.  Winter is coming.

NOAA Webcam #1, Sep 2nd.

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  1. Eric Anderson Sep 2nd 2011

    Thanks, John. I like to check out the webcams from time to time as well.

    Anyone know if they retrieve these things every year, or do we now have dozens of defunct cameras littering the area (albeit perhaps lying under the snow)?

  2. inconvenientskeptic Sep 2nd 2011

    They are not retrieved. It would be far too difficult to do that. I am sure some end up on the ocean floor and others are stuck in the ice. I am always curious to see how long they keep broadcasting.

  3. Richard111 Sep 3rd 2011

    That webcam is at 88.547°N 46.894°W, less than 1.5 degrees from the pole. How come there is so much daylight up there this time of year?

  4. inconvenientskeptic Sep 3rd 2011

    The Sun is low in the sky, but there is still continuous sunshine for a while longer. That far north it is an all or nothing proposition.

  5. It seems bright.But that is the snow and ice making it brighter than it really is.

    Here is a link to this post with a day and night map.It is in current time.

  6. Rosco Sep 6th 2011

    Thanks for this info – September 5 photo shows the pool is almost invisible I guess snowfall is the reason

  7. SageOfAces Sep 6th 2011

    Right now brent/crude price is low and snow tires are cheap. If you live abouts 42 deg. N latitude, get ready.

    This said, has anyone been paying attention to Jupiter? Her orbit and Earths now coinciding as such where the gap between us is much less than normal. Is the big ball and its gravity chain perturbing our orbit?

    The last time Jupiter’s orbit and ours coincided in this manner was from the early 1950s up to the late 1960s. Remember the global cooling scares of the 1970s?

    I think it will be cold a while providing no dramatic changes in solar cycles. Another little ice age?

    As with any cycle, this will rinse and repeat as well.

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