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Book Availability Update

Amazon now has the book and it will be available in all of the different markets they have.  I am even mostly happy with how it looks on the B&W Kindle.  It might not show up in all locations for a couple of days, but Amazon has accepted the book for the different market places. […]


The Inconvenient Skeptic is now available

The eBook version is now live and available. Once it has propagated through the various systems I will put up a post that has all the options. If everything goes as planned it will be available through the following stores.


Coldest Early October for the Sea Surface Temperatures

One of the main ideas behind global warming is that the oceans will warm up because of the extra CO2 in the atmosphere. This is where the idea of “backradiation” as emitted by extra CO2 causes the oceans to warm up and then transfer the warmth to the bottom of the oceans. They are even adding in the idea that it takes a break for a decade or two as the heat dumps into the deeper ocean. One of the reasons they need this new idea that global warming takes a break for a decade or two is because the oceans are showing every sign of cooling. Always useful to have a new theory on hand that explains why the Earth is decidedly not following the theory of global warming.


Tracking the Progression of the Autumn Snow

As Fall progresses I have been keeping an eye on the progress of the yearly snowfall. I use several methods to track this and have found an interesting disagreement between the methods. One measure is the snowpack which is a measure of how deep the snow is where the snow is located. The other is the snow extent which is how much area is covered by snow. The sources I use for the two measures are:

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Final Summer Update: Regional UHI and Temperature

Once again it is time for the 2011 regional temperature update. This is the series where I show how the temperature and the temperature anomaly for the year in the region I live in. I also use this to show the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect for the city of Boise. I do that by comparing to the daily temperatures of McCall which is a more rural town located ~100 miles away from Boise.

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Pacific Ocean: A very mild ENSO at best.

For the last couple of months I have watched many statements about the developing La Nina in the Pacific. I keep a close eye on the ocean temperatures and while technically the Pacific is in a La Nina, it is a very mild one. Since La Nina is the cold phase of the ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) there are certain weather patterns associated with it. For instance, the peak years of the Texas drought in the 1950’s took place when there was a period of strong La Nina, much like the current drought started last year during another strong La Nina. While the Pacific is technically in La Nina, there is no real comparison between the two years.

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Sea Level Update: The oceans in decline.

Over the past year I have done several articles about the rise of the sea level. It certainly looked likely at this time last year that the sea level in 2010 would be lower than 2009. That would be twice in the past decade that the sea level did not rise from one year to the next. That the sea level was not rising is a real problem for warmists everywhere. This was evident because the sea level data has been revised not once, but twice this year. Both revisions included adding built-in linear trends in the data so the trend from the 1990’s would continue in the official data. I extensively reviewed the latest update about a month ago.


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