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Amazon now has the book and it will be available in all of the different markets they have.  I am even mostly happy with how it looks on the B&W Kindle.  It might not show up in all locations for a couple of days, but Amazon has accepted the book for the different market places.

Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore are pending still.  I can speed up B&N, but the iBookstore plays by it’s own rules and they are interesting rules at that.

The last major part to this is the printed book.  That will take longer because of the proofing process.

I am thankful for the patience that the readers have had with me on this.  I have learned a valuable lesson about the complexity of getting a book into the hands of the people that want to read it.  There is far more to it than I once thought.

I look forward to hearing back from the readers.  I do believe it has been worth the wait.

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  1. Richard111 Oct 28th 2011

    OK. Got my Kindle copy. Looks good. Colours okay.
    Will post comment when I’ve managed to read some.

    Download from Amazon UK was interrupted for some
    unkown reason but eventually completed just before I
    posted a stinging email to Amazon.

    Assume they couldn’t handle the number of requests
    for your book 🙂

  2. inconvenientskeptic Oct 28th 2011


    I can’t tell you how much that hit my funny bone at 3:30 am.

    I hope you find it informative. At a certain point I know I have lost perspective. Dealing with the different formatting requirements for a book this complex is making me a little crazy.

    I am greatly looking forward to hearing the feedback from readers. 🙂

  3. Richard111 Oct 29th 2011

    Only up to Chapter 4 so far but it is informative indeed. The geological history on weather patterns is all new to me. Will need to re-read a few times until it sinks in.
    I have a Kindle problem. As I progress through the graphs my memory says I’ve seen that or similar before and I want to flip back and confirm this. Irritating I can’t do this on the Kindle. It’s a doddle in a book.
    Another learning curve I guess. Wife is muttering about time I am spending at the computer. I have Kindle for PC. It is free. 🙂

  4. William Kehr Oct 30th 2011

    Kindle version table of contents does not work and chapters don’t have “page breaks” (not sure what e-books would call that). Other than that it looks great on kindle and kindle apps.

  5. Richard111 Oct 31st 2011

    I can confirm William’s complaint. What I have started doing is open notepad and produce a file with location numbers for each chapter plus a short synopsis of what interests me at that location for future reference.

    Will there be an update to correct to index and bookmark problems?

  6. inconvenientskeptic Oct 31st 2011

    I will look into this. All the structures were there when I submitted it to Amazon. Sorry for the problems.

    I will get it fixed in the near future.

  7. Richard111 Nov 2nd 2011

    The problems are not that serious. Can still access the meat. 🙂
    Have found I can sort of “flip” through the pages. There is a slider bar on the bottom that pops up when the mouse pointer gets close.
    I better explain: I use a tracker ball and this allows me to grab the slider and “woosh” through the pages at incredible speed. The problem is learning when to stop. Seems to be a case of hand/eye co-ordination cos you need to note location percentage/numbers changing. This is where the notepad file helps. Bookmarks might help.
    Trying to absorb the CO2 stuff now. Have a particular bug in my head about that stuff. If I don’t find the answer I will ask it here if that’s okay.

  8. inconvenientskeptic Nov 2nd 2011

    I don’t have a Kindle, but I will get the reader software so I can get it working right. Each place has its own formatting rules and they are a slight bit annoying….

  9. On2ndThought Nov 2nd 2011

    I just finished my first read. It is very good. I will read again.

    However, I should confess a bias. I have always been skeptical that a few ppm of a minor atmospheric gas could overcome the dynamics of the Solar system. I had just not done enough investigation into these dynamics to formulate an intelligent position.

  10. Eric Anderson Nov 2nd 2011

    Congratulations on going live!

    Will definitely check it out soon.

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