The Inconvenient Skeptic is now available

The eBook version is now live and available.  Once it has propagated through the various systems I will put up a post that has all the options.  If everything goes as planned it will be available through the following stores.

—–Update—–  Oct 25.  It will be later this week at the earliest before it hits all the distribution channels.   That will include Amazon.


Barnes and Noble



Now that it is available I will start working on the print version.  It will be black and white only which is a bit disappointing for me, but I have made it as ready for that as I could.

I will be updating the Data page this week so there are direct links to the sources that I used for the book.  There are also a fair number of those.  🙂

If I had hired myself to get this done by the initial projected date I would have had to fire myself.  Everything took longer than expected (or at least longer than I had hoped).  The people that have read it have enjoyed it and more importantly, they have learned more about the Earth’s climate.  That is the real reason I wrote the book.

There was no single source that had the information that I wanted when I decided to do my research, now there is.  Yes I am a skeptic, but by sticking to the science I provide information that even warmists will find useful, because this information is simply not available.  I have seen people touch on some of it here and there, but as far as I have found, I am the first to put it all together in a single place.

So now my job is to get the word out and get people to read it.  This book is guaranteed to drive certain people absolutely crazy.  On top of all that, I think it is even a mostly fun book to read.

The Inconvenient Skeptic

The Inconvenient Skeptic

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  1. Richard111 Oct 24th 2011

    Your search “The Inconvenient Skeptic” did not match any products in: Kindle Store

    From Amazon UK.

  2. inconvenientskeptic Oct 24th 2011

    It takes a few days at least for it to propagate out everywhere. Lulu is the buy it rite now location.

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