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Why Climategate 2.0 matters, but also why it doesn’t matter at all.

I have been reading a fair amount of the news associated with the latest release of the CRU emails and have even downloaded the whole cache and peeked through them a little.  It is entertaining and somewhat informative, but my response to the whole thing seems to be very different than the response of others.  […]


Global Sea Level Still Dropping

In the past I have used the University of Colorado for the sea level data, but I am rather disgusted by the constant tinkering that has been happening.  So I have been looking around for a more reliable source of data and I have decided to make the switch to AVISO which uses much of […]


Print Version is now available!!!

The print version is now live and will soon be available on Amazon and work through the distribution systems after that.  The book is being published through the Amazon company named Createspace.  The direct link to buy the print version right now is right here.   It can also be bought directly from Amazon. The […]


2011 Global Temperature and Anomaly

Later today there is going to be a debate at my daughter’s school about Global Warming. She is one of the few students to sign-up for the opposing side of the debate. Since the debate will be taking place at the 8th grade level I am not exactly sure the depth that the debate will cover, but she is getting to take the original “proof” copy of my book to school to use for her debate. I suspect that it is far too much information for her debate, but she will be well prepared. The one other thing I also wanted to prepare her with was some basic information about what is going on with the climate in the year of 2011 with the Earth’s temperature. This was also a topic that I wanted to write about anyway, so the time is right for this article.


Kindle Version of the Inconvenient Skeptic

The eBook version that is available on Amazon should finally be fixed.  Amazon deviates far from the normal eBook and it took me way to long to get it all fixed (thanks Will for helping get that done).  All the weird missing spaces and the Table of Contents should work as designed.  It might take […]


Nov 8th Update for The Inconvenient Skeptic

I am going to start off with the good news.  The print version is progressing nicely and the review of the proof should be done next week.  Once that is done and any updates are made, the print version will be widely available.  That is when I will start pushing the content of the book.  […]

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Print Version and other information

The print version is coming along nicely and the proof will be reviewed over the next week.  Once that is taken care of I will put out another update for when the print version will be available.  The price will be $15.95 in the US and some other amount overseas.  I am very, very excited […]


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