Nov 8th Update for The Inconvenient Skeptic

I am going to start off with the good news.  The print version is progressing nicely and the review of the proof should be done next week.  Once that is done and any updates are made, the print version will be widely available.  That is when I will start pushing the content of the book.  I am very excited for that time.

The electronic version is finally pushing to Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore.  There were some problems with the sizes that hung things up.  Hopefully all of those problems have been resolved and while the electronic version is lower resolution than the print version, it looks pretty good in all the views that I have seen.  I will add updates for when they push to each location, but hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer.

This leads to the bad news.  The Kindle version is available at Amazon, but the issue with the electronic Table of Contents persists.  I am baffled as everything else seems to work just fine.  At every step of the way the full and complex TOC is there, but it isn’t there when Amazon works their magic.  I will keep plugging away at it though and if anything changes I will let everyone know right away.

There are so many different news items I would like to be getting at, but I simply don’t have the time.  The book is taking almost all of what little spare time I have right now, but I am keeping an eye out on developments.  Most of these news things are interesting, but not relevant to what is in the book, so I have to leave them alone and pick what is the higher priority.

If anyone notices errors in the book, please let me know.  There is an enormous amount of science in the book and most of the revision work over the past year has involved paring it down to the minimum and making it as readable as possible, at least outside of the Scientific Content sections.  Looking forward to hearing back from more readers.

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