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More Bad Science with Antarctica

Every once in a while there is a warmist story that gets more play than average.  My very scientific method of determining how many people are reading such news is based on how many relatives ask if I saw it.  When the long lost relatives send me an email, then I know a lot of […]


December 2011: Regional Update

Why some may wonder about the purpose purpose of the regional updates, there is much that can be learned from a careful and detailed analysis from the data over the course of one year.  When 2011 wraps up, I will start to show just how much critical information can be gleaned from this data.  Of […]


Off Topic: Boycott the BCS

I know I should be on topic with Global Warming, but this is a subject that irritates me, so I decided to write an off topic article on how error prone the BCS system is at picking the National Championship Game for College Football.  I was going to start a cause, but it seems that […]


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