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The Straw Man argument of the Mayan Collapse

There has been one new paper about climate in the past week that caught my attention (the Gleick story did catch my attention, but I am passing on it). The collapse of the Mayan civilization 1000 years ago is now being tied to climate change. Most news isn’t making the direct argument that global warming, but there is at least one newspaper that raises the speculation that global warming caused the downfall of the Mayans. Normally silly things like this get ignored, but I found a couple of genuinely interesting things buried under the propaganda.


Sources and Illustrations for The Inconvenient Skeptic

One of the most frustrating for me personally about the book is the limited options that were available for the illustrations.  A full color version of the book would have been too expensive and B&W Illustrations are so limited.  One solution that was given by a reader was to put the Illustrations on the website. […]


2011 Global Sea Level Dropped back to 2008 Levels

2011 was an interesting year for the Earth’s oceans. The relative sea level (RSL) in 2011 was not only lower than 2010, it was also lower than 2009. All of the different satellite measurements agree with that, but perhaps even more interesting is that the European RSL measurement shows that the sea level in 2011 was even lower than it was back in 2005. That particular satellite shows that there has been almost no net change in the Earth’s sea level over the past 8 years.


2011 Northern Hemisphere: Snow Coverage Part 2

Part 2 is going provide some seasonal and regional detail that was not covered in Part 1 in the discussion of the NH snow coverage. One of the things I am trying to show in these articles is how normal it is for certain parts of the world to experience a mild (low snow) winter while others are experiencing a harsh (more snow) winter. This year has made headlines by being unusually mild in the United States, but that is one of the only regions that is experiencing a mild winter this year, but the discussion of 2012 remains an article for the future.


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