Sources and Illustrations for The Inconvenient Skeptic

One of the most frustrating for me personally about the book is the limited options that were available for the illustrations.  A full color version of the book would have been too expensive and B&W Illustrations are so limited.  One solution that was given by a reader was to put the Illustrations on the website.

I started that project about a month ago, but quickly realized that I needed to provide a more structured methodology for me to put it all together.  I have been working on that in the background, but now that effort will start to show up on the website.  This is also a convenient way to link and show the sources for the data I use in the charts.  Chapters 1-3 are complete and the charts can now be seen on the website.

I hope this helps all the readers of the book.


Update 2-20

I have also added chapters 4-5 now.

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  1. It shows up quite well in Cloud Reader for me.

  2. Claudia Mar 7th 2012

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