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The Carbon Cycle and the ‘Acidification’ of the Ocean (Part 3)

The purpose of the previous two articles was to explain the scale of the human contribution to the carbon cycle and to point out that there is significant natural variation as well in the carbon cycle. The natural variation takes place year to year (ENSO cycle) and over the course of the year (Northern Hemisphere growing season). All of these variations make it impossible to know precisely how much natural carbon exits and enters the atmosphere naturally each year. What is known most accurately is how much carbon mankind is putting into the atmosphere.


The Carbon Cycle and the ‘Acidification’ of the Ocean (Part 2)

In the first part of this article I presented a broad overview of the carbon cycle.  What it shows is that no matter how the data is analyzed, the human contribution to the flow of carbon into the atmosphere is relatively small (~4%) part of the total.  This also means that the contribution to the […]

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The Carbon Cycle and the ‘Acidification’ of the Ocean (Part 1)

One of the few things that I have not covered before in depth is the carbon cycle.  That is the path that carbon takes in and out of the atmosphere.  For example, plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, but eventually that carbon will make it’s way back into the atmosphere.  The flow of carbon from […]


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