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Stopping the Regulation of CO2 by the EPA

This is one of those rare moments in history where action must be taken by all concerned citizens. From now until June 25th is all the time that we have left to stop the EPA from pushing an energy policy that will cut almost 70 GW of electric generating capacity in the US. That is ~10% of the coal capacity in the United States. Coal is one of the cheapest methods available to generate electricity and the loss of 10% of the capacity will increase the cost of electricity for everyone. The impacts of this will ripple throughout the economy.


Skeptic Climate Conference Day 2

NASA Letter Writers: For me this was a very exciting group.  I have always been a huge space fan and these are the people that really pushed the farthest achievements in space that mankind has attained.  The four people in the panel discussed their extreme disappointment at the way that NASA is conducting it’s business […]


Skeptic Climate Conference Day 1

This was the first day that I got to meet any of the people that have been involved in the skeptic side of the global warming debate.  Just from that perspective it was an interesting day.  There are many very smart and capable people here that know a great deal about the Earth’s climate.  Many […]


The NATO Protests in Chicago

By random chance I happened to be around to see the NATO protests today in Chicago.  The protests were an interesting amalgam of groups to say the least.  The central tenet of the protest is that the government spends too much money on war and not enough on jobs.  There were many anti free market […]


Climate Change Conference

I will be attending the upcoming conference in Chicago this week. I will be providing updates on things that I find interesting over the next few days. Having never attended anything like this before I am not sure what to expect, but I hope that I will be able to spark some interesting discussions there.

A relevant quote of what I expect to find is “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” To me it seems that the same arguments are repeated over and over again with the expectation that pointing out UHI flaws is going to win the debate. The key as I see it is to understand the climate as a whole. That is what is missing and the reason I wrote the book and have this website is to change the nature of the debate. Wish me luck.

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The Science of why the Theory of Global Warming is Incorrect!

Next week I plan on making a big push to get this information out to many, many people. This is one of the key topics that is covered in my book. It is not the only critical topic, but this one by itself is enough to demonstrate in a scientific way that warming as described by The Theory of Global Warming is impossible. My goal is to present this and related information to a wide audience next week. Wish me luck.


Seasonal Temperature Across the Whole Atmosphere

Since last week’s article generated a lot of interest and requests for more information, I decided to write a follow-up on the previous article. The point of the article was to demonstrate that the seasonal temperature response varies by altitude. So different are the responses that it is clear that the troposphere and the stratosphere are responding to different inputs. The temperature of the troposphere is primarily driven by the combination of geography and season at the Earth’s surface. The stratospheric temperature is driven by the daily energy the Earth gets from the Sun as dictated by the distance the Earth is from the Sun. You can look back at the previous article for more details.


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