Skeptic Climate Conference Day 2

NASA Letter Writers:

For me this was a very exciting group.  I have always been a huge space fan and these are the people that really pushed the farthest achievements in space that mankind has attained.  The four people in the panel discussed their extreme disappointment at the way that NASA is conducting it’s business today.  They consider the projected ranges of change to be so poor as to be meaningless. These are the people that without supercomputers (and barely computers at all) managed to design and build the rocket, life support systems and lunar module with lander that was capable of putting two men on the moon and return them safely to Earth.  A feat that has not been achieved again by mankind in nearly 40 years.

Earlier this year they sent a letter to NASA that was very specific.  They stated that NASA has a storied history of using clear and precise science and scientific claims and projections.  It was the past rigorous adherence to science that allowed them to achieve what they have in the past.  The main point was that they wanted NASA to stop making “unproven and unsupported remarks in its future releases and websites on this subject (global warming).”  They got a letter back stating that NASA would not do this, but on April 19th, Dr. Waleed Abdalati who is a chief scientist for NASA stated to a senate committee that the sea level would rise between 0.2 and 2.0 meters by 2100 with the most likely value being the higher value.  This of course is exactly the type of comment that is absurd and unsubstantiated.

The greats of NASA history are getting stirred up and they are working on making a difference on the topic of global warming.

As the day progresses I will keep working on updating this article.  I prefer not to do that, but time is short and this is exciting stuff.


Sitting at the airport now and I am thankful that I have a well and properly rooted android phone running Cyanogenmod 9.  It provides nice secure internet that doesn’t require a credit card…

I didn’t get a chance to talk with Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7) or Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17), but I did get a chance to talk extensively with Hal Doiron and also with Tom Wysmuller.  I have to say that these are all really good people.  They are humble and thoughtful in all that they do.  Walt was joking about how he was just a dumb fighter jock, but somehow got to do the cool stuff.  All of them are very smart and know exactly what they are getting into by tackling the global warming crowd.  They are just in the process of getting involved in the debate and are all planning on learning a great deal.

From their speeches the common theme is that when they were in NASA, there was an expectation that you brought DATA to the table and if the DATA wasn’t good, you went away until you had good DATA.  Walt came back to the famous saying “In God we trust, everyone else needs to bring the DATA!”  I have heard that in several different variations, but the end result is always the same.  They worked in teams back in the NASA days and that is how they plan on working now.  They are all upset by several things that are going on in the world today.

First and foremost is the idea that NASA is putting out vague and imprecise projections for the future.  They joked about how it would have gone over if they had projected a chance of landing in the Sea of Tranquility (near the equator), but there was some chance of landing in a crater near the South Pole of the Moon.  That is exactly how they view what NASA is doing now with global warming.  It is clear to them that the standards that were in place when they were putting men on the Moon are no longer in place.  It is that high standard of science that they expect, but instead they find an unending stream of alarmism coming from the top people of NASA.

They also recognize that they are in a unique position to draw attention to the skeptic side of global warming more than any other group.  These are dedicated and capable men that mean to make a difference once again.  I suspect that they will be successful and I have every intention of helping them in their current quest.  They have started up a website that they will use to present information to everyone:

There are many challenges coming up in the near future.  The EPA is working towards forcing cap and trade on the United States through regulating CO2 emissions.  This is a definite back door method to implement cap and trade on an unsuspecting and unbelieving population.  They recognize that they will not be able to influence things that quickly, but they do plan on making a difference in the debate.  I will be in contact with the group and will be sharing information with them to help them.

When I got a chance to ask a question to the group as a whole, I asked if they would be able to help free the scientific data that is currently collected by NASA satellites so that people like myself could more freely have access to it.  They have also noticed the inherent manipulation that is taking place in things like the sea level data.  They are less than impressed by the addition of the GIA (glacial isostatic rebound) that is being added to the sea level data.  Such manipulation is present in much of the data and other critical data is made also impossible to get.  They stated that they are no longer NASA employees so their influence is limited within NASA these days.  I am hopeful though that as they more fully engage in the debate that their ability to free the data will also increase.

There were other interesting things on the 2nd day and I was especially interested in the Indian Monsoon data over the past 200 hundred years, but really it was the NASA group that caught my attention and focus on the 2nd (and 3rd day).  I was hanging out with two of the team until late that 2nd day.  That was really a great experience and I hope to be interacting with them much more in the future.

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  1. Going to be hard to reign in Hansen and Gavin Schmidt. Hansen still has the NY Times at his command – they let him pen another OP Ed a couple of weeks ago yet again predicting doom. Also don’t forget that Hansen often goes to the media claiming to be “muzzled” which of course is amusing since Hansen is constantly getting media attention all over the world. It’s unlikely NASA will take the advice of the former astronauts.

  2. Thank you for posting these updates. I bookmarked the website you mentioned for future reference. I know it takes time to post, but I learn a great deal from your efforts.

  3. Eric Anderson May 24th 2012

    John, sounds like a neat experience to hear their comments and plans. I think they can contribute to the debate if they remain objective, state the facts, avoid ad-hom’s and the like. Hopefully they will have the discipline to do that.

    Would be neat for you to get involved to help them flesh out their website and study materials.

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