OLR data is once again available

Over the past 18 months or so the measured OLR (out-going long-wave radiation) has been unavailable.  In it’s place has been what was called the interpolated OLR.  Since OLR can only be measured by satellites the data can only be available when satellites have existed.  Oddly enough the new and improved interpolated OLR data was available in a monthly format from 1948 to current without a single month missing.  Since that was impossible I was more than a little confused.

The good news is that I brought this issue up in a public forum and now magically the real data is back.  Since I had the original data that was available two years ago I have been able to confirm that the data that is currently available is even the same data.  Try to do that with relative sea level data and you will be sorely disappointed.  The data is available at the NOAA website, but well buried here.

I have been on a long road-trip and family reunion which has delayed my ability to tackle the newly available data, but I have been slowly working through it.  I might even get to a comparison between the real data and the garbage interpolated data that they have been pushing as real for the past 18 months or so.

As I put forward in my book, it is OLR that responds to global temperature.  Not temperature anomaly, but the actual real temperature of the Earth.  The warmer the Earth is, the faster it loses energy to space.  Here is the OLR by hemisphere and globally since 1999.

The Inconvenient Skeptic

(Red) Global, (Green) NH, (Blue) SH Measured OLR

The hemispheric OLR is perfectly synchronized with the seasons.  Globally the OLR is simply the sum of the two hemispheres.  Since the NH has larger swings in OLR (as it does temperature), the global OLR behavior tracks by the season of the NH.  But an especially high OLR in the NH summer can be countered by an unusually cold winter in the SH which is what happened in July of 2004.  Global OLR was not especially high for that time of year because the SH had unusually low OLR that year.

If the NH OLR is compared to the NH temperature.

The Inconvenient Skeptic

(Green) NH OLR, (Red) NH Temperature

This is the clearest example of why temperature anomaly is meaningless and real temperature is everything.  There is no way to see why the OLR varies over the course of the year without looking at the real temperature.  So critical is the dependence of OLR on temperature that the NH OLR can by plotted by the NH temperature.

The Inconvenient Skeptic

NH OLR as a function of NH temperature

The direct dependence is a 4th order one, but even a simple linear regression gives an R^2 of 0.96.  Every 1 °C change in temperature results in a 2.2 W/m^2 increase in NH OLR.  There is simply no physical method by which CO2 is capable of overcoming this barrier.  there never has been and there never will be.  This is why global warming by means of CO2 level is impossible and always will be impossible.

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  1. Excellent.
    I now have this as a 3-page pdf, fully credited, URLs added (for those with non-current acrobat readers that don’t respond to ctrl-click).
    Martin C

  2. Richard111 Jun 28th 2012

    Excellent work John. I’ve post a link to this if that is okay.


  3. Hi John

    Just discovered your Blog today (Australian time, 28th), it’s great. That final comment here on CO2 is wonderful, and I shall be citing it, with attribution of course.

    You might like to check out my recently published paper in TSWJ at my website.

    All the best


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