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Temperature Dependence of the Earth’s Outgoing Energy

What determines how quickly the Earth loses energy? There is a simple answer and a complex answer to that. Since the Earth can only lose energy to space by infra-red (IR) transmission, the simple answer is that the Earth’s temperature determines the rate of energy loss since it is temperature that determines the intensity of the IR transmission as shown in the Stefen-Boltzmann Law.

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What would the temperature of the Earth be without CO2 in the Atmosphere?

Here is my take on the issue.  Please feel free to provide any input you have on this topic. The question I asked of everyone was what would the temperature of the Earth be if everything else was held constant except there was no CO2 in the atmosphere. So questions of albedo and clouds must […]


Stop the Extension of the PTC

The Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an enormous subsidy for inefficient renewable energy. It is really about government interfering in the energy markets. Windmills cannot compete in the marketplace on their own, they must have government funding and be forced to be given preference.

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