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Seasonal Variation of the Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect does not cause the changes to the climate to take place, but the Greenhouse Effect is always changing (significant measurable changes on a monthly basis) and what causes the GHE is critical to these climate changes. The approach I have taken is different because I have focused on the Earth’s temperature instead […]


How absurd is 4 °C

I have seen a lot of “news” lately about he Earth’s temperature in the year 2100. For a long time the projection has been 3 °C, but lately the claim has bumped up to 4 °C. The idea of 3 °C was pretty silly all by itself which makes the 4°C really stupid. However I have never taken the time before to project out just what the Earth’s real temperature would look like at 4 °C, so I figured this was a good opportunity to go ahead and do that.


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