-6.35 °C Anomaly

That is the local temperature anomaly for Boise, Idaho for the entire month of January in 2013.  It is by far the coldest month I have experienced since the early 1990’s and that was in a different place that was much, much colder than the January I just experienced.  Of course a low anomaly doesn’t really tell the story of just how cold it was this past month.  This of course underlines one of my endless gripes about temperature anomaly.  It really doesn’t tell the story of what the climate is really doing.

Boise experienced the following temperatures in the month of January.


Average Mean Temperature / Actual Mean Average Temperature:   -0.38 °C /  -6.37 °C

Average High Temperature / Actual High Average Temperature:  3.24 °C / -2.35 °C

Average Low Temperature / Actual Low Average Temperature:  -4.03 °C / -11.11 °C


So the average high temperature in the month of January was colder than the normal monthly temperature.  Certainly a cold month means little in the scale of climate, but it does say a lot about how variable climate can be over the course of a month.  It was also amusing to be experiencing such a brutally cold winter while hearing about how warm the winter was.  As always, what is covered in the news is never really a reflection of what is going on everywhere.


The Inconvenient Skeptic

Temperature behavior for the month of January in Boise, Idaho.


Fortunately the weather has calmed down a fair amount now and the temperatures are back into the normal range for this time of year.  I am still waiting for word on what the global temperature anomaly for the month was, but I suspect it will be fairly close to normal, which means that on average the temperature of the Earth will come in at ~12.0 °C which is 4 °C colder than it will be in 6 months from now, but because of how they talk about temperature, I will be the only one pointing out the difference between the actual temperature and the anomaly temperature.

In the next week or so I will break down the year 2012 which was 40 times closer to average than Boise has been for the past month.

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  1. Leslie Graham Feb 5th 2013

    “…I am still waiting for word on what the global temperature anomaly for the month was, but I suspect it will be fairly close to normal…”

    The latest global temperature anomaly for the month broke all records.
    It beat the 2010 record by a wide margin.
    And this in a period dominated by La Nina events and when the sun is at it’s quietest in over a century.
    Can’t say I’m surprised.
    SEe how stupid you look now?

  2. inconvenientskeptic Feb 5th 2013


    Paying attention to the specifics of a discussion are important. As of Feb 5th no one has released the anomaly for January of 2013. I am sure you are referring to the year of 2012, but that anomaly was also not a record by a long shot.

    2012 anomaly was 0.19 °C

    The warmest year by far was 1998 at 0.55 °C.

    Show me the data. Then you can talk smack.

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