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There have been many stories I have wanted to cover, but I have been working on a project for a while that has been taking up most of my available time.  Since I have now completed the first part of the new project I have decided to make a small announcement about the project.

It is the rough draft of a new book.  Unlike my previous book, this one is a straight science fiction book.  I will be working on a revision now while I also work on getting it published.

The title is “The Hive” (or close to that) and I hope it will be available later this year.  It is not a climate book, although a few comments of the climate a few hundred years in the future did make their way into the book.  In addition it is likely that I will be adding a website for non-climate articles soon.

Time remains the biggest limiting factor for me now.  There is only so much productive time that I have and right now it is all being used (and then some).  But hopefully now I will be able to dedicate some more time to climate articles because there are some really interesting things going on these days.


John Kehr

The Inconvenient Skeptic

Posted in General by inconvenientskeptic on April 1st, 2014 at 12:24 pm.


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  1. Thanks for the update John.

  2. jensen Apr 15th 2014

    Happened to see your last post.Made me very happy. For several years I have strained to get the right perspective of climate. Your book has helped me most.
    I have also learnt a lot studying articles by Prof. Leif Kullman aboutTreeline Changes and evolutions of Nunataks and glaciers
    There you get perspective of hundreds and thousands of years.
    I recommend You to have a look.
    I have also studied Changes in the Southern tip of Sweden. Fascinating with sea-level Changes , isostatic Changes ,sand movements, human soilchanges (Tels) during a couple of thousand years. Hope to read more posts from You.

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