The Inconvenient Skeptic teaches readers, scientifically minded or not, the history of the Earth’s climate and why the climate is constantly changing.  With this book the readers will learn how the major historical changes in climate have changed both the Earth and the creatures that live on the Earth.  Through careful and precise analogies the long-term behaviors of the Earth are compared to the daily and yearly cycles that everyone can understand.  This book then uses that everyday knowledge to explain the scientific foundations that regulate the Earth’s climate.  By adding one careful piece at a time, a comprehensive understanding of the climate and the science behind it is given to each reader.  Most chapters also contain a Scientific Content section that will explain the hard science for the readers that want further details.  This split content will allow readers of all levels to improve their understanding of the Earth and the global warming debate.  This understanding will be important as the Earth’s climate is changing and the correct response is critical to everyone.

Every six months the polls show significant change about how people view climate change.  It will keep changing like that until people truly understand what is happening with the Earth’s climate.  More than anything The Inconvenient Skeptic delivers sufficient knowledge so that the readers can make their own decision.  It gives my own personal conclusions, but challenges the readers to come to their own conclusions and then gives them the tools to do so.

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