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The 2011 Big Story Prediction: Arctic Ice Coverage

With the strong El Nino a year ago the obvious big news story to get people worried about global warming was the story that 2010 would be a warm year thus proving that global warming was real. Since El Nino has faded and been replaced by a strong La Nina there is no chance that warmists will be focusing on the global temperature. Since the global temperature will be bad news for the warmists this year they will have to pick a new topic to show had badly global warming is damaging the Earth.

That is the real advantage that the warmists have created by saying that everything bad is caused by global warming. They can pick and choose a topic every year (or day) and use that to show how much the world is changing as a result of global warming. Since weather is always causing some variation it is safe to say that they will always be able to find something to latch onto.

Posted February 15th, 2011.


Taylor Ice Dome: Cause and Effect

I have previously discussed my frustration with the persistent statements about the CO2 correlation with the glacial/interglacial cycle. The conclusion being that CO2 is the knob that controls the Earth’s climate, or at least the natural cycles that the Earth has experienced for the past few million years. I have also shown how the climate of the Northern Hemisphere tends to drive overall global temperature.

It all comes down to cause and effect. Warmists focus only on CO2. The central cause for all changes to the Earth’s climate is the change in CO2 concentration. They will discuss something that triggers CO2 levels to increase, but then once CO2 starts changing, the rest is history. This of course ignores the evidence that CO2 levels have been high every time the Earth has started a glacial (ice age) in the past.

Posted February 7th, 2011.


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