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Psychologist Proves System of “Believes” Trumps Actual Science.

This is a rare departure for this website. This is a genuine New York Times article that I consider interesting and useful. It is not directly related to climate in any way, but I believe it is very relevant to the issue of Climate Scientists. I wrote previously about the problem of scientific bias that shows up in climate science. The problem is real, but proving the issue is a challenge because many simply won’t acknowledge the reality.

One common argument presented to me is that the majority of climate scientists believe global warming is real. If I say that doesn’t matter, the instant retort is that I must believe that it is a conspiracy and therefore I must be a conspiracy nut. That approach is boring as it achieves nothing. This article in the NYT shows that no conspiracy is needed to prevent dissenting views from being spoken or published. I remain a little shocked that the NYT published an article that so clearly shows the fundamental problem with the academic circles.

Posted February 9th, 2011.


Understanding the IPCC

The single largest governmental entity involved in the business of Global Warming is the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The IPCC puts out large reports every 4 years. These are known as AR’s (Assessment Reports). The are numbered in order of release. The next one will be titled AR5 and it is due out in 2011. The last was AR4 and it was released in 2007.

The IPCC has been under lots of scrutiny in the last year for a variety of reasons. Significant mistakes have been found in these reports. All of these mistakes made the threat of climate change more significant than the science stated. Without going into the details of each mistake, the fact that these mistakes always exaggerated the threat of global warming is the single most compelling piece of evidence that there is a problem with the IPCC.

Posted January 26th, 2011.

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