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Stopping the Regulation of CO2 by the EPA

This is one of those rare moments in history where action must be taken by all concerned citizens. From now until June 25th is all the time that we have left to stop the EPA from pushing an energy policy that will cut almost 70 GW of electric generating capacity in the US. That is ~10% of the coal capacity in the United States. Coal is one of the cheapest methods available to generate electricity and the loss of 10% of the capacity will increase the cost of electricity for everyone. The impacts of this will ripple throughout the economy.

Posted May 29th, 2012.


The NATO Protests in Chicago

By random chance I happened to be around to see the NATO protests today in Chicago.  The protests were an interesting amalgam of groups to say the least.  The central tenet of the protest is that the government spends too much money on war and not enough on jobs.  There were many anti free market […]

Posted May 20th, 2012.


Lies, Damn Lies and the Liars that tell them!

There are so many ways that politicians lie. The latest one is so blatant that once again I feel the need to write an article showing the real numbers behind the lies. This time, it is President Obama that is going to seek a new alternative minimum tax rate to make sure that millionaires pay a tax rate that is higher than the tax rate that the middle-class pays. The initial problem is that it is a tremendous lie that people making an income greater than $1 million dollars do not pay a higher tax rate than the middle class.

Posted September 19th, 2011.


The HPV Vaccine: Some facts everyone should know

As the political season gets more animated, I have decided that I will throw some articles that are only involved in politics when I see the need. Vaccines are one topic that is in dire need of some discussion. So when the topic reared it’s ugly head recently, I decided that I would take my skeptic banner and enter a slightly different forum.

The main issue that has arisen is that Michele Bachmann has decided to attack the HPV vaccine. She is doing so as a purely political ploy against Rick Perry because he is leading in the polls. The problem is that what she in particular has said, is wrong on many levels.

Posted September 14th, 2011.


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