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Summer Temperatures: Northern China

In the ongoing global warming debate there is often a significant difference between the perception of what is going on with the Earth’s climate when compared to what is actually going on. There is no greater example of this than the summer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. Since summer has arrived (in practice at least) I am going to spend the summer going over recent research that shows that the modern period is not having unusually high summer temperatures.

The normal perception is that the summer temperatures are going to increase until they are much, much hotter than they have been in who knows how long. The reality is not even close to that perception. A recent study (Yi, Yu, 2011) is probably the highest resolution reconstruction using temperature and precipitation records from the region and then correlating to tree-ring data to create a high resolution reconstruction of the summer temperatures for North-Central China.

Posted June 6th, 2011.

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