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If you are interested in the proposal for The Inconvenient Skeptic please use Proposal in the subject section of the contact to expedite my response.


Your views are welcome and I will gladly help explain the facts about the Earth and climate change. Knowledge is the key to understanding and I will share knowledge with all the desire it.


Your views are also welcome. Please avoid unproven assertions. Science is about increasing the knowledge of humanity.  The science is very clear,  CO2 is simply incapable of causing warming of any significant amount and the science to support that statement is solid. There is no need to diverge into the more esoteric ideas that are out there. The basic science is complicated enough for many people.  This blog and The Inconvenient Skeptic will help solve the basic misunderstanding of what is going on with the Earth’s climate.


Insults and demeaning language will not be tolerated. Leave the demeaning comments to Al Gore. He and perhaps a couple others are the ones that are primarily responsible for converting the scientific study of climate change into a political smear campaign. Lets leave that to the politicians… Okay, mocking politicians might be allowed in certain circumstances.   >:-}

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