The Header Chart:

The chart on display in the header shows the last 6,000 years of temperature data from the Penny Ice Cap.  I got the file from the  NOAA website.

The file contains data for the past 11,000+ years.  I only used the last 6,000 years for simplicity of the header chart.  The chart shows the stable isotope data.

The Book: The Inconvenient Skeptic

I am building a series of pages that contains the critical graphics and data sources from the book.  They will be grouped a couple of chapters at a time.  Please contact if there are any questions on the sources used for the book.  This will probably take a while to get completed, so please be patient.

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-5

Chapters 6-7

Chapters 8-10

Chapter 11:  The Earth’s Energy Balance

Chapter 12:  The Earth’s Atmosphere

Chapter 13-14

The password is: skeptic

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