Global Temperature Update: April 2011

So far this year the satellite temperature data have measured temperature anomalies of less than 0.1 °C. April is the first month to show an anomaly of > 0.1 °C. The actual number came in at 0.12 °C. That is the anomaly temperature though. April is much more interesting for other reasons. It is one of the two months per year when the average actual temperature increases by 1 °C. That is because the NH is warming up from the winter and the NH drives the yearly variation in the Earth’s temperature.

As can be easily seen in this chart, the Earth is rapidly warming up from the NH winter, but the difference from the average temperature is very small. 2011 is looking very much like 1980 for the satellite temperature anomaly. That is the last time the actual temperature was so close to the average this far into the year.

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